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You get what you get and you don’t get upset…you just try to learn for the next time

When it comes to photography there are many different styles and approaches.  In my opinion candid (or street photography) can be one of the hardest to photograph simply for the fact that you are shooting in the moment and very rarely is there an opportunity for a redo.

Recently I had decided it was time for me to step outside of my comfort zone and place myself into an entirely new photographic situation. As a result I decided to attend the Mermaid Parade ( you can learn all about it by clicking on that link) and try my hand at photographing what may be one the most unusual events I have ever attended.

The results…. some great and not some great shots but that’s always to be expected.  However as this was my first time attending the event I definitely learned some important lessons.

1. It’s always nice to ask someone if they wouldn’t mind having their picture taken.  Bring business cards or a piece of paper with your email address offer to send them a copy of the photo that you have taken.  Will you hear from everyone most likely not, however by taking those few moments to speak to the person you’re photographing you may have the chance to get them to pose for you and retake an image and that can make a difference.

2.  The staging area offers some walls this can prove to be a great backdrop and can help to eliminate a lot of the chaos that is happening around you if that is the effect you are looking for. (This is something that I realized late in the game)

3. Bring suntan lotion and water….I can not stress this enough it’s going to be a long day, your carrying around gear and it will be hot.

4. Relax, have fun and go with the flow.  Try not to take it so seriously and have a good time.  This will come across in your photographs.

Below you will find some of the photos taken at this event.  For a more complete listing you can check out   (if you don’t see a photo of you posted and I gave you my card please send me an email and I will get it to you.)